Cignus has been selected to provide ATC procedure development, analysis, and community outreach support to Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County airport (STS). As a small airport in northern California’s wine country, STS is predominantly a General Aviation airport with some airline scheduled service and other operations. Significant noise concerns exist along with terrain that has forced STS to implement non-standard approach and departure procedures, which Cignus will be re-assessing and updating.

Specifically, Cignus will provide the following services to Sonoma County:

  • PBN (RNAV/RNP)procedure assessment and design for all STS runways
  • Assessment of Continuous Descent Approach (CDA) procedure feasibility and benefits
  • ATC radar track, dispersion, and altitude profile analysis
  • Noise and population impact analysis
  • Obstruction database evaluation and update as needed
  • Analysis of ILS upgrade capabilities and feasibility
  • Northern California airspace procedure integration analysis
  • Stakeholder and community outreach planning and execution including workshops and meetings

Cignus is excited to continue to grow our procedure development and analysis practice as airports, large and small, continue to transition to a more PBN-based environment. Combining technical procedure development expertise with strong stakeholder and community outreach know-how is a key pillar for Cignus as we continue to support airport and airline clients in this arena.