As a company we continue to embrace emerging technologies and concepts and ultimately in the transformation of current operations, systems, and processes. This includes the integration of emerging operational concepts such as UASs, Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), and commercial space operations into the National Airspace System. Our experts support several areas including the development and analysis of operational concepts, safety/risk assessments, feasibility studies, procedure and policy designs and updates, and operational impact assessments using fast-time and real-time simulation studies. Our ATC and ATM operational expertise and our background in NextGen R&D continually support these emerging operational markets across a variety of federal agencies, operators, planners, and other relevant stakeholders.

Our team also provides expertise on emerging technological concepts and solutions in areas such as cloud computing, virtualization, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), data analytics, blockchain data security and integrity, as well as geospatial analysis platforms. We support large-scale data analytics projects and develop custom solutions and platforms for clients to address specific operational needs and streamline analytical processes.

Some of the services and solutions our team provides are:

  • Future ATC/ATM concept development & evaluation
  • UAS/AAM integration into the NAS policy and procedures
  • AAM and UTM service development integration
  • Commercial space operations planning & spaceport risk assessments
  • NextGen/SESAR technologies and concepts
  • AI/ML algorithms and concepts for aviation data analytics
  • Data Security, Integrity, and Policy
  • Cloud-based service design and development including UTM
  • Geospatial analytics platforms and services