Cignus and our SMEs have been working with aviation data including air traffic data, flight schedules, and weather information for more than two decades. We store and process SWIM data in real-time for decision support tool development and to support operational analysis projects throughout the company. Our team of data analytics professionals continues to promote the integration and use of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms and concepts for the development of airport, airspace, and aviation decision support tools including advanced operational dashboards.

Our data analytics experience is focused on:

  • Advanced AI/ML Solutions to enhance operational efficiency, safety, and security
  • Large-scale aviation data mining, processing, and visualization platforms
  • Custom Operational dashboards including representation of digital twin information environments
  • Algorithm and Decision Support Tool (DST) platform development including supervised/unsupervised learning
  • Cloud computing platforms based on Platform/Infrastructure-as-a-Service concepts