Our team has supported the integration of UASs into the NAS since 2012 across a variety of NextGen and industry R&D programs. We continue to embrace the mainstream and broader integration of unmanned vehicles and AAM operations into the NAS through the development of platforms and targeted solutions for vehicle operators, vertiports, and regulatory agency clients. Our experts develop and use custom cloud-based geospatial and analytical platforms for operational planning as well as the analysis of vertiport traffic management, vertiport locations, risk management, and community involvement. We combine our operational expertise with our background in cloud-based data analytics and service platform development to create value-added services that can integrate with NASA’s UTM platform and support a close integration of stakeholders across the entire AAM community.

Specific services and solutions provided by our experts include:

  • Vertiport Siting and Obstruction Analysis
  • AAM Procedure Design and Operations Planning
  • UTM Service Integration
  • Community Involvement and Outreach
  • UAS/AAM Operational Concepts and NAS Integration
  • AI/ML applications to Traffic Management and Safety/Risk Management