Cignus is honored to welcome Dr. Lourdes Maurice as a Strategic Advisor. Dr. Maurice will play a pivotal role in advising Cignus’ executive team in support of our growing airport/airspace development, environmental compliance and sustainability practices. We at Cignus are fortunate to have someone like Lourdes be a part of our strategic advisory board said Vinnie Khera, President & CEO of Cignus. She brings more than a wealth of experience in environmental policy focused on one key factor – sustainability, an initiative that is at the forefront of global decisionmakers in the aviation industry said Khera.

Dr. Maurice, retired as the Executive Director of FAA’s, Office of Environment and Energy. At the FAA, Dr. Maurice served as the US member to the International Civil Aviation Organization Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (ICAO CAEP), the international body responsible for developing and coordinating environmental policy for the aviation industry.  Previously, Dr. Maurice was the FAA Chief Scientist for Environment and Energy and contributed to the IPCC projects that led to the body’s 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. She holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College, London, and completed undergraduate and graduate engineering degrees at the University of Dayton.