Cignus is excited to announce that we will be part of the JFK New Terminal One (NTO) design team under PGAL and the Carlyle Group and will support the project with Passenger Terminal Modeling & Simulation as well as capacity and Level of Service (LoS) analysis capabilities to assist in the refinement and operational feasibility of proposed designs including headhouse and terminal facility requirements. Our team will be using AirTOp’s Passenger Simulation module to model various alternative designs for NTO across a variety of construction years. Planned metrics for this study include passenger queue sizes and delays (at check-in, security checkpoints, and major connection interfaces), passenger density, and IATA Levels of Service (LoS).

This also marks the first major airport in the United States where AirTOp’s Passenger Simulation module will be used and Cignus has been actively working with AirTOp developers to customize and refine functionality that is needed for NTO modeling.