Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) operations are rapidly increasing in number and technical complexity. The growth in popularity of these new vehicles and platforms has presented the U.S. Department of Transportation and the FAA with a number of regulatory and technical challenges in terms of integration into day-to-day NAS operations. To support the FAA’s continued efforts in supporting growth and safe and efficient integration into controlled and uncontrolled airspace, Cignus is excited to have been chosen as a support contractor providing expertise in a variety of areas including:
  • Evolution of UAS policy and procedures for integration of UAS into the NAS
  • Safety Risk Management (SRM) policy and compliance
  • Facilitation and coordination of information regarding the integration of UAS into the NAS
  • UAS technical, analytical, and business planning
  • Processing and compliance of FOIA request pertaining to UAS

We are grateful to the FAA for providing us with an opportunity to use our years of experience supporting UAS integration into the NAS. Our work on UAS’s dates back to over a decade when concepts of ‘UAV’s flying in common airspace were just a vision and somewhat far-fetched’, said Vinnie Khera, President & CEO.

Cignus, for this work is part of a team led by our partners Crown Consulting Inc.
Cignus is an SBA certified 8(A) Minority Owned Disadvantaged Business enterprise headquartered in Leesburg VA with offices in Atlanta GA, Miami, FL, San Francisco, CA and New Delhi, India.