Businesses, residents, and visitors depend on Virginia’s airports. The Virginia Air Transportation System Plan (VATSP) Update reviews and develops recommendations for the maintenance of existing airports, strategic developments and enhancements to existing facilities/systems, future technology impacts and alignment, and the development of new system airports. The VATSP helps Virginia keep pace with future demand and new aviation technologies introduced by NextGen.

Cignus is planning to support Mead & Hunt on the most recent Virginia Air Transportation System Plan Update for the Department of Aviation of Virginia (DOAV). This plan is updated by DOAV every five years and includes various infrastructure, economic, and operational assessments that may impact airport system funding and resource availability across the Virginia airport system. As part of this support, Cignus will be supporting:

  • Airport and aviation system inventory data collection and analysis task which includes collecting, merging, and analysis airport information from various FAA, DOAV, individual airport, and public data sources
  • Development, execution, and analysis of an online survey focused on obtaining detailed airport infrastructure, Navaid, economic impact, emerging technology implementation, UAS/AAM preparedness, and other information across Virginia airports
  • ATC and ATM subject matter expertise regarding the integration of airport operations and planning with FAA automation systems and information sharing platforms such as SWIM
  • GIS analysis and visualization tasks that include population drive time, AAM metropolitan area access, and impact area coverage analyses as well as other visualizations of airport status and characteristics
  • Assessments of emerging technology and NextGen impacts on the Virginia airport and airspace system including a broader adoption of NextGen concepts such as Virtual Towers
  • Operational and economic impact analysis of Urban/Advanced Air Mobility (UAM/AAM) and other emerging concepts and operations on the Virginia aviation system