Leesburg, VA – Cignus is expanding its Modeling & Simulation services through the addition of terminal passenger modeling capabilities. Through the use of an additional module of AirTOp, one of our current state-of-the-art fast-time airport/airspace simulation tools, as well as using one of our generic discrete-event simulation tools, SIMIO, Cignus is now able to provide simulation capabilities not only from ‘gate-to-gate’, but from ‘curb-to-curb’.

“With terminal design, check-in procedures, security checkpoints, and passenger flows there are always chokepoints present and there is always room to improve operations and become more efficient. These passenger simulation capabilities will allow us to leverage our existing expertise in airport/airspace simulation and provide a more complete service offering to customers”, said Dr. Florian Hafner, Exec. VP & CTO for Cignus.