Commercial Space Transportation (CST) activities and the need for access to space is continuing to rise and. To ensure the success of a spaceport, operational, infrastructure, and safety constraints must be considered when planning specific locations. Key factors like the proximity of the site to populated areas, major airports, critical infrastructure, and environmentally sensitive areas can influence the safety, capacity, and utility of the site. The early identification of potential constraints can provide potential launch sites or launch or reentry vehicle operators with an early location feasibility assessment that can feed into the FAA licensing process. Based on this information, the FAA intends to develop a Spaceport Assessment Tool (SAT) that will perform preliminary feasibility analyses of proposed spaceport sites.

Cignus will be using its vast experience in modeling & simulation and software development & design to deliver this proof of concept tool. We are excited that the FAA continues to support Cignus and that they recognize our subject matter experts who continuously work on delivering at the cutting edge of emerging technologies, said Vinnie Khera, President & CEO.

Cignus is an SBA certified 8(A) Minority Owned Disadvantaged Business enterprise headquartered in Leesburg VA with offices in Atlanta GA, Miami, FL, San Francisco, CA and New Delhi, India.